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About Marcia Zidle

Marcia Zidle is a board certified executive coach, business management consultant and keynote speaker, who helps organizations to leverage their leadership and human capital assets.

She has 25 years of management, business consulting and international experience in a variety of industries including health care, financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, government and nonprofits.

She brings an expertise in strategy and alignment; social and emotional intelligence; executive and team leadership; employee engagement and innovation; personal and organization change management.

She has been selected one of LinkedIn Profinder’s top coaches for 2016.

Sessions of Marcia Zidle


Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why It's More Important for Your Success Than IQ

Recognize the three reasons you and your organization need to practice EQ
Duration : 60 minutes

Talent Management: How Smart Companies Engage and Retain Their Millennial Workforce

Discover why millennials are great candidates for intrapreneurship
Duration : 60 minutes

Succession Planning: It’s Not Just For Emergencies; It’s A Leadership Development Strategy

Employee Succession Planning vs Replacement Planning: Which Planning is Best?
Duration : 60 minutes

Employee Onboarding Vs. Orientation: Why You Need Both

Is your hiring and onboarding process costing you unnecessarily?
Duration : 60 minutes

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why It's More Important for Your Success Than IQ (2018 Version)

7 Tactics to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
Duration : 60 minutes

Fast Track: How to Accelerate Newly Promoted Managers to Be Peak Performers

Recognize the importance of your personal power and how to develop it
Duration : 60 minutes

Change Management: The Four Key Skills and Four Key Steps for Leading Change

Learn the Steps of Change Management Process
Duration : 60 minutes

Virtual Leadership: Practical Tips to Effectively Build, Engage & Manage Remote Teams

The focus of this webinar is to help companies maximize their investment in virtual teams as well as helps leaders enhance their effectiveness in leading virtual teams.
Duration : 60 minutes

Entry Interviews, Stay Interviews, Exit Interviews: What’s the Difference and Which is Best?

On-Demand Webinar Starts on Jan 30, 2019

With 30 Days Access
Duration : 60 minutes

Stay Interviews: A Powerful Employee Engagement and Retention Tool

On-Demand Webinar Starts on Dec 6, 2018

With 30 Days Access
Duration : 60 minutes

Onboarding Vs Orientation What’s the Difference and Why You need Both (Updated Version)

You’ve made your decision about whom to hire. You’ve gotten them excited about their new job. You’re excited about what they can bring to your team. Now what?
Duration : 60 minutes

Your Organization Culture: If You Don’t Get It Right, Nothing Else Matters

What about your company’s culture? Does it inspire and engage or get in your people’s way, slowing and wearing them down? Is it driven from top-down directives or cross-department collaboration? What stories do your people and your customers tell about you? This webinar will show how you can get a good read on the health of your culture.
Duration : 60 minutes

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): 7 Tactics to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

What’s Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Why It’s More Important Than IQ For Success
Duration : 60 minutes

Succession Planning For Your Top Talent and Leaders: A Step By Step Checklist

Succession Planning: The 70-20-10 Rule for Developing Your Future Leaders
Duration : 60 minutes

Onboarding is NOT Orientation: The Essentials of Employee Onboarding

Onboarding New Hires: How to Get Them Quickly Up to Speed, Engaged and Productive
Duration : 60 minutes

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