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Online training courses and OnDemand Microsoft Office Webinars are designed for professionals who want to add an edge to their professional career through Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint training. Compliance Prime offers a range of professional courses for Microsoft Office, crafted for professionals to improve their productivity.


Excel Pivot Tables for HR Professionals

Speaker: Mike Thomas
Industry: Microsoft Office, Excel
Duration: 60 minutes

No matter the industry, Microsoft Office is the widely used software in a professional environment. Microsoft Office knowledge is necessary for growing professionally in any industry. Compliance Prime Microsoft online training courses are equipped with assisting and providing you the best in online Microsoft Office training courses. These Webinars help an individual in increasing their productivity in the work environment. Compliance Prime provides the Microsoft Office training for employees, either individuals for self-growth and improvement or to a group of employees guided by the company. Compliance Prime Microsoft Webinars not only include Microsoft excel webinars but also provide you the learning programmes for the whole suite of Microsoft Office. Compliance Prime on-demand webinar of Microsoft Office encompasses all the Microsoft office software programmes such as Microsoft Excel Webinar, Microsoft Outlook training, Microsoft access on-demand online courses, and others. Moreover, Compliance Prime is equipped with best Excel online programmes taught by industry experts that are solely designed for assisting an individual for professional development in the work environment. Compliance Prime provides the best online webinars for technical and non-technical professionals as well that helps in opening up new opportunities for professionals aiming for exciting career prospects. Get expertise in all versions of Microsoft Office and Excel, including Office 365.

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