W-8BEN-E Form vs. W-8BEN Form

W-8BEN-E is a significant tax document that allows organizations operating outside of the United States to claim tax exclusion on U.S. sourced earnings. The W-8BEN form and W-8BEN-E form differ

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HUD released its first of the new NSPIRE protocols on August 20, 2019, the first look at what deficiencies will resemble like under NSPIRE, the inspection protocol that will ultimately

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Tips to Calm Down Angry Residents

Property management staffing professionals understand the significance of properly handling complaints of residents to help build trust and resolve problems. However, when tenants are upset, the owner or landlord may

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Workplace Trends for 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, lockdowns, and a global recession looming large, several organizations are busy reevaluating the ‘new’ workplace. While this development is normal, keeping pace with all the

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