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Tag: Form I-9

  • The Purpose of the Form I-9


    Newly hired workers must complete Form I-9, which is also known as Employment Eligibility Verification. The form requires the newly hired employees to provide certain documents to establish their identity […]

  • The I-9 Requirements for Employers


    The I-9 Form is needed by the Immigration Reform Act to verify the identification of an employee and the eligibility to work lawfully in the United States of America. If […]

  • Supporting Documentation Required for Form I-9

    Supporting Documentation Required for Form I-9

    Form I-9 is a vital piece of document that every employee has to fill up in order to prove his or her eligibility to work in the U.S. It needs […]

  • Conform Yourself With Form I-9


    Before hiring a new employee, the employer has to verify that the person has the legal mandate to work in the U.S. The new hire has to demonstrate his or […]

  • Penalties for I-9 Violations


    Form I-9 is the employee’s verification and authorization form that allows employers to employ them for work. As per the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), employers must […]

  • Penalties for Hiring Illegal Immigrants


    Illegal immigrants are not allowed to do work for remuneration in the US. And any person who hires, recruits or refers the illegal immigrants for the U.S. jobs will be […]

  • Difference Between Form I-9 and E-verify

    Difference Between Form I-9 and E-verify

    Know all the requirements and difference between Form I-9 and E-verify.

  • Form I-9 and E-verify Requirements

    Form I-9 and E-verify Requirements

    Know all the requirements of form I-9 and E-verify as it is important for an employer to retain and complete form I9 timely for a new employee.