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Compliance Prime believes in providing better training. We have been providing high quality training to business professionals for several years. Our solutions gain the trust of professionals who want to enhance their skills and drive performance.

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Human Resource

  • How to Manage Emails in Outlook Using the 4 D’s

    How-to-Manage-emails-in-Outlook-using-the-4-D's (2)

    Overflowing inbox in the Outlook email is the common problem. The emails which need our attention sometimes mix up with the junk emails. It is important to manage your email […]

  • Essentials of Employee Onboarding


    The onboarding process of new employees in the company entails planning and strategy from the part of the company. The process can yield you great employees and a great workforce […]

  • Onboarding vs Orientation


    Many companies mix up the concept of the Onboarding and Orientation process. Though both the methods are different and subject to each other. If you look at the broader view, […]

  • Identify Future Leaders With Critical Roles

    Identify future leaders with critical roles

    It is a difficult task to identify the employees with a business attitude and working potential; this task not only part of HR management but also part of company business […]

  • Grow Your Business by Planning for Succession Candidate

    Succession planning is a talent management process by which management determines the skilled and talented employees fit enough to fill the position of key personnel in the future. The process […]

  • Social Media Use in Workplace: Don’t Ban Social Media at Work


    As the use of social media becomes widespread, companies start keeping a watch on the social media habits of employees. Some companies have gone on to weighing the pros and […]

  • FMLA Extension: Employee Absence after FMLA Leave


    FMLA, the cardinal law that governs leaves taken by employees, is a savior for employees. It not just helps employees get sudden leaves, it also arranges for 12 weeks of […]

  • FMLA Extension: Are 12 Weeks Leave Enough?

    FMLA Extension Is 12 weeks leave enough

    FMLA provides for 12 weeks of unpaid leave to eligible employees for serious health conditions which can render an employee unable to perform some of the essential functions of his […]

  • Regulatory Requirement for Social Media Use in the Workplace

    Regulatory requirement for Social media use in the workplace

    Social Media has a significant influence on people these days. The HR magazines quote that number of employees are using social media on the company network or Wi-Fi. Some legal […]

  • Enhance the Communication Within Employees with Social Media

    Enhance the Communication Within Employees with Social Media

    With the age of Social Media, more people are engaging in Facebook and Twitter. A recent study shows that we spend at least 2 hours of our day on Social […]