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Human Resource

  • Rights for Pregnant Workers Under Federal Law


    Motherhood is a right of every woman, whether she is employed or not. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 delineates the right of every woman against discrimination in employment for […]

  • How Does DOL New Overtime Rule Effect You


    Department of Labor’s recent proposal about a tweak in the overtime rules could imply that a significant number of Americans become eligible for overtime pay. The threshold for overtime pay […]

  • Manage Motherhood And Career Like a Boss


    Being pregnant is a blissful feeling, but it is also a responsibility. You are responsible for the life, growing in your womb, to see the light of the world. So […]

  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace

    Sexual Harassment at the Workplace (1)

    Sexual harassment at workplace is defined as a physical sexual nature which without any reason effects the performance of the employee and create an offensive environment too at the workplace. […]

  • Know Your Rights Against Sexual Harassment at Work

    Sexual harassment is not just about touching or doing something grave. Even if someone hurls sexually explicit language, it may be counted as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is against the […]

  • Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

    Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

    For years, humans have trusted dogs as a helper, guide, protect and even comfort. Recently humans have given dog so much importance in their life, who needs physical and emotional […]

  • Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

    Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

    Some people use a service animal at their workplace to help them in many ways which on their own they can’t perform. For example, someone with a vision problem can […]

  • Prominent Mistakes in the HR Documentation

    Prominent mistakes in HR documentation (1)

    HR has a wide gamut of activities in the corporate world. Starting from recruitment and training to retirement or termination, HR has a very prominent role to play. The success […]

  • How Important is HR Documentations to Organizations?

    How Important is HR Documentations to Organization

    The Human Resource department provides a number of different services to employees. If this department functions properly, it can boost employee satisfaction throughout the spectrum of departments of a company […]

  • Retention Interviews: Ways to Keep Your Key Employee Satisfied

    Retention Interviews: Ways to keep your key employee satisfied

    Employee retention is very important these days. In this blog, we come to know what are the ways that need to retain an employee in an organization.