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Compliance Prime believes in providing better training. We have been providing high quality training to business professionals for several years. Our solutions gain the trust of professionals who want to enhance their skills and drive performance.

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Human Resource

  • The Four Faces of Anger


    When we’re angry, we tend to feel the urge to lash out at someone, often because we feel vulnerable and powerless. However, the longer we hold onto our anger, the […]

  • Tips To Reshape The Organization to Become More Agile


    The urge to be agile doesn’t come from anywhere. It is a natural response to the constant change in our business and technology environment. The ability to adapt to these […]

  • Types of Organizational Change

    Types-of-Organizational-Change (1)

    Organizational change is something that every business needs. Whether your business is a startup or a public company, when things are not working, it is time to take action in […]

  • What Is a Waiting Period for Employee Benefits?

    Everyone has heard about waiting periods, but few are familiar with the specific term “waiting period.” If you are not familiar with a waiting period, then it’s a period of […]

  • Different Types of Emotions and Their Effect on Human Behavior


    Emotions are a fundamental and necessary part of life. There are many different types of emotions that have an influence on how we live and interact with others. Emotions can […]

  • How To Manage Anger


    Anger is a strong and complex emotion. It can range from the feeling you have when somebody cuts you off in traffic to the feelings of hatred and vengefulness that […]

  • How To Deal With Angry People


    Anger is a normal human emotion. We feel it when we are frustrated, disappointed, hurt, or feel threatened. There are many ways we can deal with it, but there are […]

  • Maintaining a Sense of Humor to Cope Up With Stress


    Stress is a normal part of life, but it can become both physically and mentally debilitating when you constantly feel the pressure to perform and meet expectations. Stress can come […]

  • Important Types of Leadership Power

    Important-Types-of-Leadership-Power (1)

    Tom Peters has rightly said, “Leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders.”    In today’s competitive world, there is no doubt that leadership is a necessary skill to […]

  • OSHA Issues New Workplace Safety Guidance Regarding COVID-19

    OSHA-Issues-New-Workplace-Safety-Guidance-Regarding-COVID-19 (1)

    On January 29, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) issued more effective workplace health and safety guidance for protecting workers from COVID-19 exposures. President Joe Biden ordered OSHA on January […]