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Construction & Housing

  • HUD-REAC NSPIRE Protocols


    HUD released its first of the new NSPIRE protocols on August 20, 2019, the first look at what deficiencies will resemble like under NSPIRE, the inspection protocol that will ultimately […]

  • Preparing for New REAC and NSPIRE Rules


    HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development) is revamping its REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) physical inspection protocol because of negative press reports regarding substandard subsidized properties and the […]

  • Tips to Calm Down Angry Residents


    Property management staffing professionals understand the significance of properly handling complaints of residents to help build trust and resolve problems. However, when tenants are upset, the owner or landlord may […]

  • Landlord Responsibility for Bed Bugs


    Bed bug issue? It happens in even the best of hotels and apartments. Bed bugs can grab a ride in the suitcase, used furniture, on the clothing, or even in […]

  • HUD Guidelines on Bed Bug Control and Prevention


    The phrase “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” is mostly used in a lighthearted and joyous way, but bed bugs are a real concern. Bedbugs continue to raise their filthy […]

  • How to Handle Housing Waiting List

    A waiting list is a significant asset in the audit-prep toolbox of a public housing authority. So efficient management of housing wait lists prevails as a core competency of PHAs, […]

  • Misconceptions Regarding the ADA and Fair Housing Laws

    Misconceptions Regarding the ADA and Fair Housing Laws

    It is pretty common for regulatory agencies, inspectors, and auditors to misunderstand the several accessibilities ADA and Fair Housing laws. Multifamily owners or landlords sometimes find themselves disorderly due to […]

  • Difference Between REAC and NSPIRE Inspection


    REAC is changing, and with the new changes, it also has brought new challenges with more in-depth inspections. The REAC Inspectors have changed the rules of inspecting properties and on […]

  • REAC NPSIRE – An Inspection Protocol and Process for HUD Properties


    In the past few years, HUD (Housing and Urban Development) has faced backlashes for its Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), a physical inspection protocol for wrongly assessing the quality of […]

  • How ACH Payments Work?


    ACH payments are automated electronic payments that pass through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) Network. It is created when the client provides an originating organization, corporation, or another originator permission […]