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  • What Is Third-party Sick Pay?

    It is necessary for an organization to stay compliant with the numerous sick leave laws. A lot of organizations have turned to third parties to manage the sick pay of […]

  • FMLA Compliance For Employers: A Guide To FMLA

    FMLA-Compliance-For-Employers_A-Guide-To-FMLA (1)

    For an organization, navigating FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) leave can be confusing, and if not done correctly, it can also be expensive. The penalties for non-compliance incorporate fines from […]

  • FMLA Compliance For Human Resources

    FMLA-Compliance-For-Human-Resources (1)

    It is essential to comply with the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) Compliance. The management of the complex Family and Medical Leave Act can be challenging for a generalist […]

  • Employee Leaves In The Time Of Covid-19


    Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything and employee attendance is no exception. It has completely changed the current working conditions of businesses and has resulted in an entirely new system of […]

  • 5 Basic Steps To Administer FMLA


    The Family And Medical Leave Act is implemented on an organization when it grows along with the number of employees. When the number of employees becomes 50 or more this […]

  • FMLA Extension: Employee Absence after FMLA Leave


    FMLA, the cardinal law that governs leaves taken by employees, is a savior for employees. It not just helps employees get sudden leaves, it also arranges for 12 weeks of […]

  • FMLA Extension: Are 12 Weeks Leave Enough?

    FMLA Extension Is 12 weeks leave enough

    FMLA provides for 12 weeks of unpaid leave to eligible employees for serious health conditions which can render an employee unable to perform some of the essential functions of his […]

  • FMLA Extension: Can You Extend Your Medical and Family Leave?

    FMLA Extension: Can you extend your medical and family leave?

    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was introduced federally to cope up with the medical and family emergencies for the workers and employees. The law grants the employees a leave […]

  • FMLA Checklist for Managers

    FMLA Checklist for Managers

    Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a Federal & State law that determines the eligible employees for unpaid leaves. The Act was formulated with many protections and restrictions that […]

  • Difference Between FMLA and ADA

    Difference Between FMLA and ADA

    Both FMLA and ADA have been designed to grant leave, but characteristically they are very different from each other. While securing an FMLA leave is not difficult, it does not […]