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Microsoft Office

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    Using an Excel sheet while preparing some presentations, or accounts can be a daunting task without the knowledge of its functions. There are various functions in Microsoft Excel that you […]

  • Reduce Email Overload and Stay on Top of your Email Management


    Email was introduced in the mid-1990s, as a fashionable thing to review once in a week to a communication channel at present. Every day, more than 269 billion emails are […]

  • Strategizing Email Management


    Email is designed to facilitate communication, but seldom it becomes a counter-productive tool because considerable time is spent in managing the email. In a workday, 40% of the time is […]

  • Boost Productivity in the Workplace with Outlook Functions


    Microsoft Office Applications have taken IT platforms by storm. In fact, Outlook functions are the most widely used Microsoft functions. The said function makes managing and organizing emails and calendars […]

  • Tips And Tricks For Outlook Email Management


    While taking some rest or working on important projects, you must have often encountered the unnecessary pings and notifications of spam mails. If your inbox is flooded with spam and […]

  • Prepare Excel Data for Pivot Tables


    Using pivot tables helps to do accurate data analysis. Hence, to work more accurately make excel data beforehand. To present data in a meaningful way using pivot tables is best. […]

  • How A Pivot Table Works?


    To understand how a pivot table works can surely explain how important this tool is. A pivot table is a tool used to summarize data in a compact form. A […]

  • What is a Pivot Table?

    What Is a Pivot Table

    A pivot table is a tool used to summarize data in a compact form. Moreover, the pivot table is quite flexible and easy to use too. Hence, it can be […]

  • How to Use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

    How to Use Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

    Mail Merge is a very convenient feature of most MS Office. It lets users combine mailing addresses with text emails and also pre-addressed envelopes. This is very helpful when you […]

  • How to Add an Email as a Calendar Appointment in Microsoft Outlook

    How to add an email as a calendar appointment in Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook offers great useful features when it comes to email managing and appointment handling tool. Imagine that you need to add an email to the calendar appointment. This feature will […]