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Payroll & Accounting

  • What Is an Exempt Employee?

    The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law passed in 1938 that regulates the minimum wage and overtime pay for workers, overtime pay, and the workweek. It also […]

  • What Is Third-party Sick Pay?

    It is necessary for an organization to stay compliant with the numerous sick leave laws. A lot of organizations have turned to third parties to manage the sick pay of […]

  • IRS Releases For Form 941 Schedule B


    The IRS has released Schedule B for Form 941, which displays the total wages, social security tax withheld, federal income tax withholding, and Medicare taxes withheld for each employee. The […]

  • Overtime Pay Under the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)


    The FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) establishes the standards for minimum wage, child labor, equal pay for women, overtime pay, and other employment standards. The law applies to workers in […]

  • Understanding the SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) Tax


    The State Unemployment Insurance system is basically a payroll tax that pays out to employees who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own and are actively seeking […]

  • The EIV Income Discrepancy Report


    The Earned Income Verification (EIV) Program helps States ensure that individuals and families seeking public assistance are actually eligible for benefits. However, some individuals take advantage of the system by […]

  • Period of Income (POI)


    The Period of Income (POI) is a process that should be performed after seeing a large variance between two or more periods of income. It is a financial forensic analysis […]

  • Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System

    Enforcing eligibility and income standards on rental assistance programs is a challenge for public housing agencies (PHAs) across the country. To help identify and prevent fraud, the Department of Housing […]

  • Fringe Benefits For The Workforce in 2021

    Fringe-Benefits-For-The-Workforce-in-2021 (1)

    Fringe benefits are perks that organizations give to their workers above and beyond financial compensation. As the years fly by, we find that fringe benefits have become more and more […]

  • The Purpose of the Form I-9


    Newly hired workers must complete Form I-9, which is also known as Employment Eligibility Verification. The form requires the newly hired employees to provide certain documents to establish their identity […]