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Construction & Housing

  • Making Housing More Affordable

    Making housing more affordable

    Since the Fair Housing Act came into existence in 1968 to fight racial discrimination in renting and selling of dwelling units, it has undergone a number of additions in view […]

  • Regulations of HUD for Beg Bugs Free Homes


    The Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) has come up with new guidelines to deal with cases of bed bugs reported by tenants. However, the new guidelines have raised […]

  • Know ADA Service Dog Laws


    ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act has been enshrined to help people with disabilities live an independent life, and service dogs are an integral part of these people’s lives. These […]

  • What Does HUD Say About Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs - What HUD has to say about this (1)

    Bed bugs are an annoying pest and once they enter any home it is very hard to get rid of them. Only because of their high reproduction rate and small […]

  • Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

    Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

    For years, humans have trusted dogs as a helper, guide, protect and even comfort. Recently humans have given dog so much importance in their life, who needs physical and emotional […]

  • Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

    Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

    Some people use a service animal at their workplace to help them in many ways which on their own they can’t perform. For example, someone with a vision problem can […]

  • Yes, But with Conditions: Understand Pet Policies in Condominiums

    Understand Pet Policies in Condominiums

    It is not mandatory for condominium communities to permit animals as pets. Nevertheless, there are communities that permit pets, but with riders.

  • Pet Policies in Real Estate: Convince Your Landlord to Allow Pets

    Pet Policies in Real Estate

    There are no issues if you are keeping a pet, for whatever purpose that may be, in your own house. However, if you are living in a rented house, you need to convince your landlord to allow pets.

  • Who is Not Protected Under the Fair Housing Act?

    Who is Not Protected Under the Fair Housing Act

    The Fair Housing act does not include every class and property. Certain classes and properties are outside the purview of the Act. Lets Know them in this article.

  • Why is the Fair Housing Act so Important?

    Why is the Fair Housing Act so Important

    The Importance of Fair Housing Act lies in the fact that brokers, sellers, lenders, and insurers cannot adopt discriminatory policies against people in the protected class.