How to Get Ready for Behavioral Interview

One needs to prepare oneself for a behavioral interview by understanding the given situation. Behavioral interview is a very tricky thing to handle. One needs to understand the situation that means the situation given or asked in the interview.  Using general logic is very important to answer the given question. Moreover, ask yourself what will you do in that situation and how well will one tackle the situation?? This is what one needs to do in a behavioral interview.  Generally, the interviewee sees that how well one behaves in the present that is in the given task. This will definitely show how one will behave in the future.


Basic Rule To Get Ready For A Behavioral Interview

“STAR” is a situation, task, action, and the result is the basic formula to crack a behavioral interview. The first thing to do while answering a question in such type of interview is:

  • To understand the given situation.
  • Describe what action one will do in that given problem or situation. 
  • Then one needs to describe that after doing such action what exactly occurred?
  • Then comes what one understood from that particular situation.

During such interviews, one needs to analyze the given task and then work accordingly thinking that you are in that situation. What did you do? What did you understand? However, a reaction to a particular action shows how well one understood the question and how well one tackled the given situation. Therefore the “STAR” works best to answer any behavioral question in an interview.


Past Experiences Work While Giving Answers in Any Interview

The best way to answer any interview question in an interview is to search for answers from one`s past experiences. It is from past experiences one learns the maximum. However, during an interview, the interviewee looks for specific answers to the question asked. The interviewee becomes happy when answers are precise and to the point. Moreover, if the answers are from one`s own experiences then that is the best answer. As one has experience of a similar situation the answer needs to be in relation to what one actually did in that given situation? And not what one needs to do in the given situation?


Ways to Answer Question Asked in the Behavioral Interview

If the interviewee asks that I need to know about a goal one achieved and how? 

To this question never tell personal experience. Always go for telling about a goal that one achieved while working in a company.

  • Something that has a link that is relevant to the goals similar to the company. 
  • Always tell the interviewee about the planning process of achieving the goal. 
  • Moreover, explain your qualities. Qualities that one possesses needs to be linked to the planning process. 
  • Keeping calm while answering questions in an interview always works. This will help one, to answer with full confidence and one’s experience will show in the answer.



The behavioral interview helps to access one`s personality through the answers one gives. Therefore, try and find answers from past job experiences. Make the interviewee feel that the answers are to the point and real.

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