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Behavioral Interviewing Questions and Answers

5 Popular Behavioral Interviewing Questions and Answers

Most job interviews these days prefer to tune into a little bit of psychology to be able to find their future employee out of various prospective candidates.
Behavioral interviewing is a relatively new method of questioning the candidate about a few business related situations and judging their abilities on the basis of their answers.
The entire reason behind this is quite simple, your experiences will form your answers and hence they will form your actual behaviour in the future as well.
In other words, HR can easily judge how you will behave and perform in the future based on these answers.

It really isn’t easy to crack these interviews however, practice always makes perfect.

Popular Questions for Behavioral Interview

Here is a list of popular questions that you’re definitely going to face in such interviews:


Question 1: What would you say, are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?


Answer: I would say that I have various strengths in terms of intellect, determination, problem solving abilities, optimism, however, I would say that my biggest strength would be my ability to pay attention to details and my need to strive for excellence and perfection.

Alas, this has often proven to be my Kryptonite as well in various situations as it is pretty obvious that Rome wasn’t built in a day!

When it comes to perfection, you just cannot hurry, therefore sometimes, I end up spending more time on certain things than I should but I am working on it and plan to improve the same soon.


Question 2: Have you ever faced situations where you weren’t in compliance with a company policy? How did you deal with it?


Answer: Yes, I had faced such a situation at XYZ company as their policy regarding certain things weren’t right according to me.
I dealt with the situation with the means of effective communication, I kept my point in front of the heads of the organisation and it was heard as well as appreciated.


Question 3: Have you ever faced a situation when you couldn’t meet your goal? Why do you think that happened?


Answer: Yes, such a situation has occurred in the past, it is obvious that too err is human.
I had set a goal at XYZ organisation to complete a certain number of assignments with a time limit attached to it.
I couldn’t meet this goal because of my need to strive for excellence and the same takes time however, I worked on the same and was able to meet the goal later.


Question 4: Have you had to convince a team to work on a project they didn’t want to get onto? How did you manage it?

Answer: Yes, I have been through such a situation.
It is understood that working with human resources can be very demanding and these situations are very common.
I dealt with the situation by motivating the team members along with some non-monetary reinforcements.


Question 5: Have you ever made a blunder on your job that has cost your company time and money, how did you deal with the aftermath?

Answer: Yes, I obviously faced the aftermath with open arms and accepted my mistake.
Then, I tried to make the situation more affirmative and tried to work against the odds, got more practical and made my perception well balanced to avoid such situations in the future projects.


Take Away


These are some of the popular question which employer or HR recruit team will may ask. Hope these questions will help you to prepare for behavioral interview

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