How to Handle Employees Who Participate in Protests

Employees sometimes participate in the protest related to their demands, needs, and requirements in the US. They rather were happy to join the protest than to go to their respective jobs. It becomes the duty of the employers how he\she manages such employees to safeguard the company`s working. 


As we all know every company has certain rules and regulations that the workers need to abide by when working within the organization. It is, however, the role of the employer to handle such employees who participate in protests rather than willing to work. Some employers in the US did support the employees protesting for the immigrant workers but many were against this act.


What Can Happen If Employees Participate In Protests?

Some employees can be fired by the employer for participating in protests according to their company’s law and rules. Others on the contrary can be given a warning for doing so. The absence of the employees is not taken into consideration by some employers and can be terminated from the job. Moreover, considering it a violation of the law by the employer a strict action can be taken by the employer. Hence, here an employer plays an important role. That is the way he\she handles such a situation is a matter of concern for every company.


Important Points To Be Considered By The Employer While Handling Employees Who Participate In Protests

    • Right To Speak: Every employee has the right to speak what they feel and like but not in an organization.  Rules of every organization are different from the others. Employees can be terminated by the employer if they do not follow the company`s rules and regulations. The right to speech in the workplace is not considered right.
    • Workplace Policy For Any Kind Of Violation: An employer will not at all tolerate any kind of law violation in the workplace. The employees do not have the right to break the rules set by the employer. Moreover, they cannot seek to harm or threaten other employees working with them. If found guilty they are liable to be punished by the employer and the company policy set by him.


  • Laws Set By The National Labor Relation Act: The NLRA set some rights for the employees working in the organization that is related to working conditions. Employees have the right to get proper working conditions while working in an organization. Furthermore, the law also states that the employees cannot miss on their work and attend any kind of political protest. 
  • Free to Work by Following Both the State and Company Laws: Workers need to know their rights and places where they can use it. however, without violating the rules of the company they are working with and the state laws they are free to participate in any kind of political protests. One more thing that the workers need to keep in their mind is to maintain their attendance in the company.



Wrap Up

Every employee has certain rights when working with an employer. By following the company law and the state law they are free to take part in any kind of political protest. Moreover, it depends on the employer how he\she handles the employees attending protests. An important thing to consider is the employer needs to know his right and where he must use it for the betterment of the company and the employee.

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