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What are the Four Phases of Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an important process for any organization as well as the employee. To make a new employee familiar with the organization, its rules and the role of the employee is important. However, this process is a long term process that is beneficial for an employee as it helps them understand their role in the organization. Moreover, it is an important part of HR management. Generally, every organization has an onboarding process as new employees keep being recruited from time to time. it is the responsibility of the organization to help the employee getting engage with the work, with people and with the organization itself. 


The 4 Phases Of Onboarding Process

The 4 different phases are planned so that the hires become highly effective and highly productive. Furthermore, the onboarding process shows that the decision of hiring a new employee is correct. Hence, it’s the duty of the organization to design a process that helps the new employee to be effective as well as productive. Therefore, to get better leverage from the hired person one goes for the onboarding process. It is important to know that whatever a new employee is learning in the new working environment is proving to be beneficial for both the new hires as well as the organization. A strategic system that is designed to increase staff turnover by increasing staff engagement is an effective onboarding process.


Different Phases oF Onboarding

Phase One

Phase one is about pre-arrival. That is to design a perfect method to make the onboarding process a phenomenal experience for the employee or the new hires. To make this phase more effective one needs to do the paperwork beforehand. So that when the employees visit the organization he\she can prove to be productive from the very first day. Moreover to make a relational connection with new hires is important so that on day one the new member of the office does not feel separate. Therefore, to know about the new hires is important before the employees start to work for the organization not only for the employer but for the working employees as well. This will help the new hires to feel connected with the present employees and the organization as well.


Phase Two

Phase two is about making the new employee feel that they too are a part of the team and the organization too.  This is very important to make the employee feel comfortable and to do gestures that help them to feel connected. Therefore, the first week of every employee is very important.


Phase Three

Never overburden an employee in the first week itself.   All the training process or procedure must come in the first month. The learning phase of every employee is important therefore, in the first month the employee will automatically take initiatives to learn more so that he\she proves to be productive. It’s important for the employer to make plans for the employee to get good training and to be more productive.


Phase Four

Planning an ideal training program is very important so that the new hires can take an interest in the program. Moreover, they need to be given proper feedback for their work done. This will help them to get a scope to improve and do better.

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