Real Estate Predictions For 2020

Real estate predictions for the year 2020 depends on the recession, drop or rise in the economy, what’s happening in the economy and more. Basically, any property that is the land, the building on it and the natural resources on that specific land comes under the real estate. If the real estate prices are going up one needs to be nervous. But, one can buy real estate successfully no matter what is going in the economy.  The game of real estate is very much tricky to understand. Basically the time to buy real estate is when everyone is selling their property and vice-versa. This is a counter circle that one needs to understand properly before investing in real estate.


Real estate is far more predictable and super easy to read-only if one understands the game of real estate. There are enough reasons to buy real estate when the maker hits its peak. The real estate moves in a typical pattern that is the 4 phases: 


  • There is a recovery period
  • Then after recovery then comes the expansion period.
  • Then there is a hyper supply of too much that means too much availability of property in the market. 
  • Then finally the market is going to tank meaning the recession period. Here is the part of maximum growth.


The Real Estate Changes Every 12 To 18 Years

That is to say in 2008 when the prices were falling the real estate business came down from a peak to a drop. That was the most profitable time to buy real estate. It’s the time when one will pick up the biggest gains in a short period of time. This too has a reason for it.  The reason is that the population keeps growing each year and the market is forced to rise up. This indirectly means that all those who bought homes when the market was down can sell their properties at awesome prices and make more money. Hence, the difficulties of the economy and the market rates matter a lot in buying and selling property.


Invest During The Working Life

In general during one`s working life one gets a maximum of 2 or 3 opportunities to invest in real estate at the correct time. The working life is when an individual is making assets for the future. Therefore, keep investing whether the market is in the recession period or the expansion. Moreover, a house is worth something when people are willing to pay for it. if no one is willing to pay the property will not have any value.


How To Buy Real Estate In Expansion As Well As Recession?

  • Rule 1. Buy real estate when it is below the market rate.
  • Rule 2. Buy real estate taking 3-4 along with you be your friends, parents, and others who want to invest in real estate.
  • Rule 3. Buyers always think the recession is bad and investor thinks the opposite way. Therefore, be an investor.



The investors are the ones who make good money in the time of recession. The markets will supposedly drop in the year 2020 or 2024. Therefore, all those interested in real estate need to be prepared for buying more during the recession. To know more about this, you can simply join a webinar for Fair Housing Forecast for 2020.

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