How to Choose the Best Tenant for Your Rental

How to Choose the Best Tenant for Your Rental

For every landlord when it comes to choosing a tenant, the work seems to be cumbersome. It is not easy to choose a tenant for any landlord. Every landlord wants to keep a responsible, dependable, and also a trouble-free tenant. Therefore, here is a small checklist for choosing the best tenant for your property. 


Stable Job

A tenant with a stable job will find it easy to pay the rent, therefore, it is most suitable for the landlord. Moreover, as per the rules, the tenant’s income must be 30 times the rent so that the income can easily cover the rent amount. 


Right To Rent The Property

The landlord must check that the tenants must have the right to rent a property in the UK. He must inspect the original document for the same and not be biased based upon religion, race, disability, or nationality.


Thorough Checking of the Background

Landlords must take the help of professional letting agents to take out the history of the tenant. Previous landlords, land registry details of tenant’s home, if any, or credit checks from banks can be some places from where the details of the tenant can be taken out.


Use a Guarantor

Landlords can ask the tenants to pay some months’ rent in advance along with the rent of the current month. This security or guarantee amount ensures that the rent shall be paid on time.


Communication Skills

A landlord can check the social media account of the tenant to know about his character and background. If the tenant is a party freak, then he may not be a desirable tenant.


Tenancy For Long Run

An ideal tenant is a tenant with full-time employment in the UK based company and the ones who take a 12-month tenancy or even longer. Therefore, a landlord must consider such tenants.


Tenants Who Complain Anything Wrong Immediately

A landlord must try and keep the tenants for a longer duration of time if they complain about any small irregularity immediately. This small gesture of the tenant shows that he is concerned about your property and its wellbeing.


No Pets Please

Pets can be troublesome for landlords because most of the time they rent out their own property instead of investment properties. Therefore, a landlord who is renting his own property must avoid tenants with pets as they may damage the property.


No Property Sharers

Landlords must avoid tenants who like to share the property with a partner like a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They can be a threat to the property or misuse it. Property sharing also results in loss of rent amount.


Don’t Rush

Landlords must not rush to choose a tenant but take some time to select one. He must not hesitate in asking any question to him related to property lending. He feels that something he not right he must not hesitate in pointing out the same.



The above are a few tips considering which a landlord can select the most suitable tenant for his property. Such tenants shall be dependable as well as responsible. 

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