How to Successfully Identify and Develop High Potential Employees


In any organization, it is necessary to have good and efficient employees for the successful running of the business. No organization or its management can achieve the goal without a group of highly experienced as well as dedicated employees. Therefore, for a better future and running the business efficiently it is necessary to identify as well as develop the high potential employees. Any high potential employee is more valuable than any non-high potential one. They improve their workers’ efficiency as well as boosts their effectiveness. High potential employees are not the same as high-performance employees. High potential employees are those employees who have high future leadership potential. 


Why Does an Organization Need High Potential Employees?

A high potential employee has the ability to climb the success ladder but this is not all that is required from him or her. A high potential employee also has the ability to build a strong team and lead them efficiently. the team formed by him has the ultimate quality to outperform any competition. Therefore in a more simpler word an organization needs a high potential employee to drive performances from workers and at the same time move to the top within the organization.


How Can an Organization Identify its High Potential Employees?

To identify such employees, an organization must set clear criteria for the promotion of the employees. The criteria must define explicitly the required behavior and achievements expected from him or her. The organization must also use objective as well as reliable methods to assess the performance of the employees. They must also be transparent regarding everyone’s output so that every employee can work towards betterment. For employees who lack some or the other reason, an organization can provide them with developmental support. Such support can help them in meeting their missed targets and also shall train and boost their capabilities. An organization must also not miss focussing on employees’ personality, as it is the better indicator of their potential for a new role. 


Developing a High Potential Employee

All the employees recognized as high potential employees require some degree of development. The developments help them to become full-fledged leader, only then they can step into the role of senior executive. Therefore nurturing is an essential part of their training. For developing a high potential employee it is necessary to do their personality assessment. The assessment provides an ideal base for building development plan for each employee separately. Therefore each development plan has different training and different methods to nurture. Moreover, apart from developing a high potential employee, it is also essential to retain them because there is no point in development if an organization can’t retain such employees. The best way to retain them is to tell them that they are high potential employees and under the radar for future leadership. 



The entire task of identifying, developing, and retaining a high potential employee might be cumbersome and time taking. But with some investment and patience if the company succeeds in preparing such employees for the future and retain them then they shall prove to be the biggest asset for the company.

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