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Why Is Behavioral Interviewing Important?

The basic purpose of all the interviews is to select the perfect employees for the company. The selection process can be a long and tiring one and also requires a huge investment. Thus any company shall like to have the minimum employee turnover. Often bad selection decisions lead to employees’ turnover, therefore, it is necessary to select employees judiciously and not depending upon the instinct. While taking interviews it is advisable to have experienced managers in the selecting panel. This is because experienced managers often use a combination of interviewing methods to select the most suitable employees. One such method is behavioral interviewing questions. Such questions help to select the employees easily.


What are the Behavioral Interview Questions?

Such questions are a way of evaluating a candidate’s future performance based on his past experience. The answer to such a question depends upon the past experience of the employee or his professional history. For any selection manager, it is easy to frame such questions and these questions are useful in assessing the candidate based upon his knowledge, skill, ability, and other necessary aspects. These questions have telltale openings like “ tell me about a time when” or “ what will you do if”. 


Why a Company Must Go for Behavioral Interview Questions?

For minimum employee turnover and selecting the best candidate for the job, such questions are necessary. 

  • To Save Money: Electing an employee needs lots of investment. Therefore, if a hiring decision goes wrong it can cost the company a fortune. A wrong decision can have a long term effect on the company as below-average employees can affect the client base as well as result in low productivity. 
  • Helps to understand the candidate and his calibers: Opting for behavioral interviews helps to know the candidate in a better way and also about his calibers. Therefore, it becomes easy to select one for the job because for a job along with hard skills and education it is also necessary to know soft skills. The process helps to know the candidate’s thinking style, tendencies, motivations, and preferences.
  • The process helps to predict the future behavior of the employees: Behavioral interview helps the company to understand how an employee shall react to the given situation. Questions like “give me an example of” or “ what will you do if” can help to understand the actions the candidate shall take to fulfill the given task. 
  • Helps in taking wise decisions: Behavioral interview questions help the management to take the right decision. Instead of selecting an employee based on the instincts they shall select him based on his future response and skills. Therefore, going for a behavioral interview a wise decision for the company.



For the betterment of the company and deciding its future, it is necessary to have a bunch of suitable employees. Selecting the right employee for the job is crucial and the process can be tedious. Therefore, it is for the betterment and favor of the company to go for a combination technique for interviewing the candidates.

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