Social Media Use in Workplace: Don’t Ban Social Media at Work

As the use of social media becomes widespread, companies start keeping a watch on the social media habits of employees. Some companies have gone on to weighing the pros and cons of banning use of social media at workplace. Employers are driven by the notion that social media has a negative impact on employee productivity. However, this is the employers view. There is a strong view for social media use too. With a strong current of opinion both for and against the topic, this is a hotly debated topic in corporates. Nevertheless, the voice against banning social media at work upholds some really intriguing points that merit a rethink at corporate HR circles. Here are some of those that reasons that cry out loudly – don’t ban social media at work, and some of these are beneficial not just for employees, but also for businesses.


Improvement in Organisational Culture

Social media encourages employees to interact with each other. Although such interaction is through a social media platform, it does enhance interaction and therefore helps in bonding and team building. There are many such social media platforms at work such as Workplace by Facebook or Yammer. It has the ability to create a cohesive culture which may encourage employees to communicate with each other.


It Can Promote Your Organisation 

When they interact with others, there is a chance that employees also talk about positive working experiences that they had at your organisation. When they do so, they become ambassadors for your business. This may also help you to promote your brand without any expenditure. In fact, studies have shown that 75% of all job seekers go for the brand of the employer.


Encouraging Collaboration

Social media interactions by your employees need not always be irrelevant to the work. In fact, there are some platforms which have been designed for collaboration in workplaces. These apps have useful tools for enhanced collaboration and increased productivity. It also helps with easy sharing of data.


Good Business Tool

Social is not a nuisance, but a tool for productivity if your business relies on networks of people, If you re leading a team or have a number of independent sellers below you, it is a good idea to engage with them through social media. Networking with contacts, identifying industry leaders etc become easier if your employees spend some time in social media. 


A Handy Tool to Recruit Better Staff

Social media is a nice place for recruitment of potential candidates. It is not just an effective way to recruit talents; it also brings down cost of recruitment. In social media you can get free access to various job seekers, both passive and active. This makes the task of the HR team easy in building a pool of talented candidates without hiring employment agencies.


Window to the Future

Employees engaging with their social media friends and acquaintances can be a great way to make sure that you are aware of opportunities and future trends shaping niches in future. You can keep abreast of new opportunities, technologies and challenges.


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