Enhance the Communication Within Employees with Social Media

Enhance the Communication Within Employees with Social Media

With the age of Social Media, more people are engaging in Facebook and Twitter. A recent study shows that we spend at least 2 hours of our day on Social Media. Many companies are using the features of Social Media to keep their internal communication in check and to ensure employees satisfaction.     


Employees spend most of their time online and on social media. By using the platform, company HR believes that it gives them the motivation to keep connected with company communication. Companies also plan to make their internal communication more fun and effective by using social media.


There are several Socia Media Platforms which companies can use to enhance their employee satisfaction and increase their productivity.


Ways in which companies can enhance the communication within employees with Social media


Make Your Company Profile

The first step towards adopting social media for internal communication and employees engagement is to create a company profile on social media. The company HR must encourage employees to like the page and keep an active post on it. Some studies have shown that news and announcements posted on company pages and profiles get notified on time and get a great response from employees. Companies can also use the training and communicating tools on social media for its effectiveness.


Use of Instant Messenger

Another way to increase the timely response of employees to company notices is by using instant messages. With the use of social media like Yammer and FaceBook, the companies may communicate with employees in a timely fashion. By using instant messengers, companies may not need memo writing and emails conversation. Even simple messages can be communicated without phonecall and memo.


Ask for Opinion Over Social Media

To encourage employees engagement in the company, HR promotes the posts in social media, which require employees opinions and ideas. The employees may also use short pieces of information and motivational talks over the platforms confirming their presence and state of mind. The companies can also promote their work culture and development of the employees in the company. Many established companies and brand are resorting to the method for effective communication among employees.


Managing Employees Profile on Social Media

This method is active these days among the companies. Where companies maintain the work profiles of their employees over social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.. This helps them to understand the company growth in terms of their employees and their strength. The HR can also look after the work profiles and updates in them for the betterment of employees. It is also an excellent way to attract other business owners to show them their employees strength and quality of work they provide.


Company Blogs

Company Blogs are always an effective way to communicate with employees and people in general. By posting meaningful blogs and posts on the blog site help the employee understand the company values and expectation from their employees in general. The blog sites can be used to communicate the latest development in the business of the company and the share of the employees in the advanced industry.


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