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Types of Harassment at Workplace

Working condition in any office needs to be subtle and employee friendly. Since an employee spends most of his time in office, there is an absolute need for the company to maintain cordial and acceptable working culture. An employee will not be able to give productive results in the office if he is being bullied or harassed by his co-worker.


Work harassment is an important issue and cannot be ignored by company management. Harassment comes in many forms. One cannot distinguish Harassment in oblivious and straightforward. But each type of Harassment should be taken into account and should be resolved for the proper working of employees.


Personal Harassment

Personal Harassment is also named as bullying. It lowers the confidence of an employee and also makes them the subject of insult, personal remarks, assigning work which is of nonsignificant, criticizing in front of subordinates. The Harassment is not suitable for the morale of the employee and termed as personal Harassment. It is necessary to understand the seriousness of personal Harassment and should be taken proper steps to stop the Harassment and give an employee a pleasant work environment.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in a workplace does not comprise of beating and fighting. But it indulges in small knock offs, pinching, slapping, and sometimes affecting the properties of the employee. The physical Harassment in the workplace is minor and may result in Harassment for the employee. A boss with the habit of slapping or pinching the employee may disturb the working environment and may lead to physical abuse or physical Harassment.



Workplace discrimination can be challenging for employees who are facing this. There can be discrimination due to color, gender, physical, and even family. The offensive jokes and remarks on the employees can be called as discriminatory Harassment. Consistently hovered with the discriminatory remarks and insults can lower the confidence of the employee, which may result to lower productive working hours. Discrimination is a severe offense in the workplace. All employees should be given independence of working with their best ability and position that they deserve.



Cyberbullying is one of the most common types of workplace harassment these days. With the advancement of the cyber world and the use of the internet, this type of Harassment is difficult to trace and identify. The employee may face situations where rumor is spread about him in the workplace by use of the internet or sending obscene emails and images to the employee. Cyberbullying is illegal and should be reported as soon as it gets a start. Even a small statement or rumor can catch wildfire and destroy the image of the employee in the industry.


Sexual Harassment

The most common and known Harassment in the workplace is sexual Harassment. It is considered to be very common for female employees. The boss or co-worker makes specific advancement towards their female subordinates that are not acceptable and lessens the morale of the employee. There are numerous cases where superior colleagues ask for physical favors from their female employees in exchange for promotion and contracts.


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