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Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

Difference Between Service Animal and Assisted Animal

For years, humans have trusted dogs as a helper, guide, protect and even comfort. Recently humans have given dog so much importance in their life, who needs physical and emotional help. In recent days you will encounter service or emotional dogs in restaurants, malls, and even in airplanes.


Service Animal

A service animal is defined under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) as an animal which is trained to perform such activities which his/her owner can’t perform on her own due to some physical or intellectual disabilities. These animals will provide you emotional support and comfort but beyond this, they are specially trained to provide help beyond these comforts.


According to ADA (Americans for Disabilities Act), a service dog is the one “trained to provide all the possible tasks for people with disabilities”. Service dogs provide a seeing function for those who can’t see, work as hearing aid for the deaf, pick up objects for the one with a disability. These type of dogs also provide a medical alert when in need.


A study shows that people having service dogs have fewer worries at home and intimate less pressure on the social platform as well as emotionally.


In order to obtain a service dog, a person must be diagnosed with a disability and according to his dysfunctionality, can be considered what kind of dog does a person need suiting their lifestyle and their needs. Four dogs come to the strong success rate when it comes on the chance of having the best service dog: Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, Labrador/golden retrievers mix, German shepherds. Usually dogs train for two to four months before beginning to service.


Assistance Animal

An “assistance animal” is defined under the FHA (Fair Housing Act) as an emotional support animal that provides various kinds of benefits to people who are diagnosed with a mental, intellectual or physical disability. Let’s take the example of a dog who is helping someone crossing the road. In order to receive an emotional support dog, a person must fit the definition of medical disability. One should receive a diagnosis from a doctor and that consultation is then forwarded to the animal welfare and then they provide the animal according to the need.


There is approximately more than forty diagnosed disease to obtain a service animal. Emotional support dogs and their owners receive federal protection through ADA, and those protections are held only for housing and air travel. This means that a patient can only keep those animals to a limited place that is home. Places like restaurants or any other places may not allow such assistance animal over their premises.


Owners are also encouraged to carry their medical letter as proof if asked by someone. These animals have become widely popular in recent years, leading to some problems as animals enter public places with their owners without any prior information or notice.


If an animal is approved as a service animal or an assistance animal, that animal’s owner has the right to accompany the resident anywhere within the community.

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