Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

Can I Get Fired for Having a Service Dog?

Some people use a service animal at their workplace to help them in many ways which on their own they can’t perform. For example, someone with a vision problem can take the help of the animal for navigation at their workplace. In the same way, there are several other problems where a person can take help of their service animal in the workplace.

As per the ADA, a service animal is defined as an animal which performs various activities for the person who is physically not fit to perform such activities. They need help and these animals provide them such type of assistance. Under the employment discretion sections of the ADA, an employer may be allowed to accompany his service animal those who are in need of physical help because of their disability. An employer may also consider the help of other employees to use emotional support, and if the employer needs the help of the animal, it can be reasonably accommodated for the disability.

But if an employer needs an accommodation, he must request one. And it is a way better option to the right for one as for the proof that can be considered later. In the letter be brief and descriptive about the disability and the kind of help you may need at the time of working. Explain how a service dog can help one and help one in fulfilling their job part. You should also have to describe the needs of the animal, where will he accommodate in the office and how his needs will be met. The employer may ask for the certificate and the dog’s training and even how will be his behavior in the environment of the office.

An employer may deny the request of your bringing a service animal to the workplace. Sometimes an employer can deny just because of several people having dog allergies. In such a case, there are multiple solutions such as providing air filters, moving employees from their place and keeping them in a closed cabin in order to receive lesser contraction with the animal. An employer may also ask you the behavior of the animal in the office. And even the animal should be free from all the fleas and parasites that can be contagious to other people.

If the employer contradicts to keep a service animal in the workplace, instantly one should talk to an experienced employment lawyer. A lawyer can help relieve the condition and can decide the best and productive way to proceed further. A lawyer can also indicate you to write a demand letter or filing a charge against your employer for prejudice with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The ADA allows the employers to choose among effective accommodation providing a substitute for a service animal. But that can bring many issues. For example, a service dog can help the employer with his various medical conditions which an employee can’t do from his end.


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