5 Traits of Toxic People at Work

5 Traits of Toxic People at Work

We have all encountered a toxic person in our lives in the form of a family member, co-worker or friend. It is usual to find at least one toxic employee at every workplace. They take no responsibility for their own feelings. If anybody tries to point them out they will probably protect their perspective and avoid the responsibility for almost anything they do. If they are feeling angry about something it will always be projected on you and your life. There are some common traits of toxic people at work that can be listed as follows:

Pathological Liars

Toxic people are manipulative. They force people to do things that favor their life. They are careless about others. They have the habit of shifting blame on others and they do lie on the spot and workplace. It’s difficult to work with a toxic person. They can change their opinions and omit critical facts as well. A pathological liar is difficult to detect. Creating gossips and rumors are their common habit.

Lack of Empathy

Toxic people don’t have feelings and they do not care about others feelings. They are selfish and egoistic. They do not have empathy and any feelings. The lack of empathy in a person is a classic trait of a toxic co-worker because he is unable to understand other people and try to harm their career for his own benefit.

Passive Aggressiveness

Passive aggressiveness is the most common behavior of a toxic person at work. People with passive-aggressive behaviors gives backhanded compliments, purposefully exclude someone from work, and ignores their co-workers that can affect the entire workplace.  The aggressive people with a motive to benefit themselves have signs of getting into their co-worker’s success path. The toxic person never admits their defeat and unable to accept the fact that they are a little less than someone. Such people can harm your work and turn the workplace a battleground. In these situations, you must try to cope up with the situation and learn to handle them.


Jealousy is a common trait that every toxic person has in the workplace. When a co-worker gets more attention and if he or she gets promotion then the toxic person at the workplace gets jealous about his or her success and becomes insecure. The feeling of jealousy is common among people in the workplace. However, it should not be harmful and affecting people’s career. Yet, a toxic person may not accept your success. He, in fact, tries to hinder your success by all means. Keep away from such people, as they involve you in some kind of wrongdoings.


The toxic person is constantly complaining about other people or judging other people. They always point out faults and blame others for their mistakes even if they are at fault. Nobody in the world can satisfy their wants and make them happy even if one tries hard as toxic people are insatiable and will always judge and complain about the things they don’t have and they are never happy with the things that they really have.


These are some of the common traits of toxic people at work. To deal with these toxic people, employers need some strategies to deal with toxic people at work.


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