Behavioral Interview Techniques For Employers

Behavioral Interview Techniques For Employers

Everyone wants the best skilled people working for their companies and the process of interviewing  potential employees is where you have the most power. You get to decide who works for your company and/or organization. But how do you know that you are recruiting the best  people? Here is where behavioral interview techniques come into account.

Behavioral interview techniques help you decide and find the employee which is best suited for the role in the context. The mechanism behind it is based on the assumption that the behaviors in the past are more likely to be the behavior that the employee is going to have in the future.

With that in mind, here are some tips on behavioral interview techniques which will help you find that perfect skilled employee:

Choose the Questions That Matter

Since there are a plenty of potential employees, you won’t have too much time on your hand to spend on each person. So choose the questions for the interview very strategically. Think about the profile of the job available. Think about the key skills needed for that role. Then think about other complementary skills which an exceptional employee might have. Frame your questions based on such requirements.

Frame some other questions which will ensure you that the candidate will be able to thrive and work under the environment of the workplace; since no two workplaces are the same.

Be Consistent

You must make sure that every candidate gets the same set of questions in almost the same order. So make sure the motive behind the questions is always the same with every candidate, even if the words differ.

Analyze the Responses

You have made certain that you have asked all the right questions. Now it’s time to carefully analyze the answers the candidates give.
Make a checklist of the skills you are seeking and do a check-through for each of them to keep track.

Narrow the List

There will be times when you will find a larger number of potential candidates for the part where fewer numbers of people are needed. This is where you narrow the list and find the best among the better suited employees.

The primary thing needed to narrow the list is their responses to the behavioral interview questions you asked. Another way to narrow the list is their personality. Observe how they behave and their basic manners. Sometimes, people tell a lot with their natural instincts.

Choose the one who you think is best suitable for your workplace.

Evaluate the Final List and Make Decisions

Behavioral characteristics to be assessed take a lot of your time and energy but the payoff is high. You get a team of employees which you are sure  that they have the skills needed and are handpicked by you. On the other hand of the spectrum, you show your employees that you value their efforts by investing your time.

Thus, the final step of evaluating again thoroughly based on their responses and making a decision with discussing with other members or panels, if any, is always the right thing to do.


As an employer, employing a candidate for a particular position is the most crucial part of the business. It is very important to enroll the right candidate in an interview. An employer should be prepared for behavioral interview with the right set of questions and situations. This will help the employer choose a perfect employee for a particular offering position.


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