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About Dr. B. Lynn Ware

Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist and the founder and CEO of Integral Talent Systems, Inc. ITS is a technology enabled talent management consulting firm specializing in helping Fortune 1000 companies become great places to work.

ITS is a pioneer in the field of attracting and retaining top talent, as the company was the first consulting firm dedicated to this workplace issue that began emerging in the U.S. during 1996 and has since become a global concern.

Dr. Ware is frequently engaged with corporate clients to provide guidance on how to create “employer of choice” environments, so that they can attract and keep the best talent in their respective industries. Typically, this work involves the teaching and coaching of corporate leaders regarding their management practices and company policies.

ITS provides this guidance by continually conducting independent research in talent management, staying abreast of current corporate and workplace trends and best practices, and creating innovative products and services regarding this topic.

Dr. Ware has practiced for 25 years in the talent management field, with a strong focus on how to increase employee productivity for the benefit of achieving business goals. She has acted as a consultant in this capacity for 120 of the Fortune 1000 corporations.

Dr. Ware is frequently quoted on trends in talent management strategies in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, Computer World magazine, Network World and the San Francisco Chronicle, and has been featured several times on CNN as a national talent management expert.

Sessions of Dr. B. Lynn Ware


What's New in Onboarding?

On-Demand Starts on July 25, 2018 (With 30 Days Access)
Duration : 60 minutes

Attracting, Growing, and Retaining Millennials

Attracting and Retaining Millennials in your Workforce
Duration : 60 minutes

How to Create an Effective Succession Plan

Best practices & guiding principle
Duration : 60 minutes

Creating a Successful Job Rotation Program

On-Demand Webinar Starts on Oct 02, 2018
(With 30 Days Access)
Duration : 60 minutes

Best Practices for Implementing Employee Engagement Surveys

Why and How to Implement an Employee Engagement Survey
Duration : 60 minutes

What's New in Onboarding? Using Technologies, Games and More

Innovative Onboarding Tips for New Hire Success
Duration : 60 minutes

The Art of Succession Planning: Plan Today To Succeed Tomorrow

This webinar will offer lessons we have learned, as succession planning practices mature, that could be helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your company’s succession planning efforts.
Duration : 60 minutes

Coronavirus and Work From Home: Successfully Manage Employees Who Work from Home

Everything to know about working from home during coronavirus
Duration : 60 minutes

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