Four Turnover Triggers That Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

As an entrepreneur, you can feel nervous about losing your staff. If you don’t feel confident in providing a great workplace for your employees, then they may feel the same. As an employer, you may worry that your employees are unhappy and planning to leave, which is why you are looking for ways to prevent this from happening.


These days, businesses are realizing they need to provide their employees with a work environment that promotes a healthy work-life balance. It’s not easy to ensure that these goals are met, but there are some “triggers” that can cause employees to consider leaving your business. 


Here are a few common triggers.


Employees Feel Burned Out

With the average worker putting in more than seventy hours a week, the average employee is feeling the effects of overwork. While there’s no denying that employees are working longer hours than ever before, there is no clear link between overworking and poor performance or turnover. In fact, employees who feel overworked have fewer complaints, lower absenteeism rates, and higher levels of productivity than those who feel they have too much on their plates.


Employees Feel Unengaged 

At times, employees feel that what they do isn’t as meaningful as it used to be. This can lead to a feeling of burnout, which can seriously impact a person’s ability to become productive. Unengaged employees are more likely to leave the company, are more likely to quit, and are less productive. The key to addressing this issue is to get to the root cause.


Negative Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is a complex thing to nail down, especially when it is driving your employees away. In today’s society, people want to work in a positive environment where their ideas and contributions are valued and respected. Unfortunately, the reality is that negative workplace cultures are quite common: they can be toxic to productivity, morale, and the overall health of your organization.


Hiring Ill-Fitting Employees

Frequently when hiring new employees, managers spend a lot of time trying to find the right fit, whether it’s finding a candidate who has the right experience, has a good attitude, or fits with the existing culture. But no matter what you do, sometimes you get that person who just doesn’t fit, and that can have disastrous consequences.


Bottom Line


Triggers that cause the employee to consider leaving are a serious problem in today’s workplace. Workplace stress is on the rise. Labor shortages are getting worse. Employee turnover is out of control. The solution is to treat employees with the same respect that you would treat a valued customer.


With some thoughtful planning, you can avoid the most common triggers of turnover and take steps to ensure your employees are engaged, productive and happy at work. Attend the Compliance Prime webinar to learn more about the common triggers of turnover.

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