Workplace Trends for 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, lockdowns, and a global recession looming large, several organizations are busy reevaluating the ‘new’ workplace. While this development is normal, keeping pace with all the economic transformations, elevations in technology and modernized workplace trends can be challenging. The organizations have to serve a distinct objective such as facilitate communication, bringing employees together, and drive productivity. 


Here are some workplace trends that may become permanent in 2021 and beyond.


The Growth of Work Flexibility


Remote working has enhanced productivity by offering flexibility in the work culture. Although some organizations increased employee monitoring as they work remotely, various others have benefited by providing employees the liberty to decide the working hours and focus on results rather than output. The remote working culture has completely changed the belief that workers need to work in the workplace with long to and fro travels and mandated work times that begin at a time suitable for the company instead of the employee.


Focus on the Well-being of Employee 


Remote working increases productivity as well as employee flexibility, but a lot of employees experienced burnout. The list includes HR pros, leaders, and workers. The emotional weariness from handling the stress of a COVID-19 pandemic and being productive at the company has taken a toll on all workers. Leadership also has had to exhibit resilience and drive through the growing challenges of a mobile workforce where the safety of employees needs to be taken up by several grooves. In the latest CHRO pulse survey conducted by PwC, 51% of CHROs acknowledged anxiety and employee burnout as the top challenge.


From concentrating on the impact of COVID-19 on a worker to acknowledging the mental health impact of anticipating productivity in the middle of a pandemic, there has been a lot occurring in the space of the well-being of the worker. The well-being of the employees has led organizations to focus on how they can assist employees, from increasing investments in workers’ mental health to advancing in technologies to assure a safe return to work.


Innovation Will Be Make or Break


In these times of uncertainty, the organizations that can commit to innovation and reform are the ones that will prevail. The organizations that were able to engage talent and profits are the organizations that established a creative and speedy response to the 2020 fallout. Some organizations adapted the new technologies and way out of working instantly, enforcing changes including new growing practices that are created according to the requirements of the workforce. While other companies adapted the technologies slowly. 


Final Words


It is noticed time and time again that slow actions are not appropriate to keep up with the fast-paced business world. Businesses that adapt to changes immediately are better placed for success. And eventually, agility is a merchandising point that will win the fight for talent.


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