Steps To Take If An Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

All the companies are taking responsible measures if their employee tests positive for Coronavirus that is COVID-19. According to the U.S center for this disease control, the main priority is to keep the workplace and the workers safe. COVID-19 is certainly something that must be taken seriously by all. Moreover, the one who takes maximum safety measures at home and office is the one who will survive this situation. At the office, it is the employer’s duty to keep the workforce away from rumors of any kind. 


Certain Mandatory Steps To Be Followed By The Employer If An Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19 

Step 1: Find Out The Affected Employee And The Symptoms

Any employee who has any symptoms of this virus must definitely stay home and inform their employer. Moreover, if symptoms show in the office he\she must be immediately in a separate room away from other employees. The next thing the employer needs to do is to inform the local state department of health about the employee if found positive.


 Step 2: Refer to Home Isolation 

The corona positive employee must not visit the office at least for 14 days until all his tests are clear. 14 day home isolation is recommended for an employee who has any symptoms of cough, cold, fever, or any kind of problem in breathing. 


Step 3: Ensure The Safety Of Other Employees

In any case, if the employee is 100% positive the major thing is to protect other employees from this dangerous virus. It is the duty of the employer to inform about the employee who is tested positive to the other employees too. As it is important to know who all came in contact with the affected employee within 48 hours before he was confirmed positive.


Step 4: Recommend Other To Work From Home

After finding out anyone who came in contact with the affected employee the employer must recommend him\her to work from home. Remote working will help other employees to stay safe and fit. 


Step 5: Getting The Workplace Sanitized

This is another important duty of the employer to get the office sanitized with disinfected sprays and chemicals. Moreover, other safety measures like wearing face masks, using sanitizers, washing hands after every 20 minutes is very essential. Special employee protection training programs must be organized at the office. This will help in providing information about Coronavirus to each one working in the organization. Even the cleaning staff must be given PPE kit to wear according to the norms set by the government.


Step 6: Work With The Department Of Health

Follow the rules set by the local state department of health and the CDC to monitor the spread of this life-threatening virus. The knowledge that the health department possesses is much more and can be of real help for organizations where employees are COVID-19 positive.


Step 7: Work Confidentially

The employer must see to it that the information about the employee who is tested positive does not go out of the organization. As it is confidential information and a sensitive issue for the affected employee. Therefore, the employer must safeguard the workplace and his employees at any cost.


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