The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home: Two Sides Of A Coin

Working from home has both pros and cons attached to it the same as the two different sides on the same coin. On the one hand, it is beneficial for those who prefer not to work for a fixed period of 9-5. Furthermore, on the other hand, there are various challenges attached to working remotely. All those who prefer flexibility in their job prefer working from home. Especially, all those individuals who are parents and have small kids love to work from home. Moreover, all those who need their own space in work and do not need a constant boss over their heads choose working from home.


Pros Of Working From Home

  • Makes One Work Independently: Working from home makes one independent. One can work according to one`s preference. As there is no one to govern you, no one whom one has to report to 24*7 and one can work with 100% freedom. Dress up as one likes, eat, drink, sit, lie down do anything and work with full flexibility. The only thing one needs to look into is time management, and focus.
  • Work Without Any Stress: Working from home is stress-free, burden-free, and engagement free. That is to say one need not sit for regular hours to complete the given work. With flexible working hours, one can work as per preference. With proper planning, an individual can be much more productive if he\she works from home. 
  • Work With 100% Dedication: As there is no distraction of colleagues and bosses around you at home one can work in a much better way. With less distraction one can concentrate well on the work and can be more productive in the given time. Concentration and dedication towards work can be very fruitful for the career when one works from home.


Cons Of Working From Home

  • Mind Gets Distracted When Working Alone At Home: It is easy for the mind to get diverted on social sites when working alone. As there is no one over the head who is watching you work from home. Moreover, indulging in other less important work can occur if one is not focused on the work. 
  • Working For More Number Of Hours: For many working from does not mean less work it can be reversed. Generally, it is seen that companies give more work to employees who work from home. Extra work is one of the challenges that one faces while telecommuting.
  • Communication Gap Within The Colleagues: One more con of Teleworking is that there is a lot of lack of communication that occurs if one is not going to the office for work. Even if one is in a group he\she can feel left out by the team members. Moreover, due to less interaction between the colleagues, there is no bond or connection within the group. Working from home makes one miss talks over coffee and more.
  • Co-Workers Do Not Give Proper Respect And Take You For Granted: Teleworking also makes colleagues think that one free all the time. As one is working from home balancing work life and personal life is very important. Boss and co-workers tend to give the home worker much more work without respect for the work done.

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