Best Practice For Virtual Onboarding Process During Coronavirus

Covid 19 pandemic has severely changed everything and everyone’s lives and the process of hiring new employees in an organization is not an exception. The employees’ recruitment process has taken a 360 degrees turn worldwide and instead of physical recruitments organizations are opting for virtual onboarding because they are left with no other option. The virtual onboarding process is not a rocket science but needs to be streamlined else the efforts shall lead to no result. Therefore here is a checklist for organizations that are currently undergoing the virtual recruitment process and also for those who are planning for the same. 


Virtual Onboarding Best Practices Before The New Employee Joins In


  • Digitalize the Documents: There are many documents that are needed to be handed over to the new employee as soon as he joins the job. Therefore it is necessary to keep their digital copy ready to handover to them via mail or an intranet enterprise software such as the company’s handbook.
  • Onboarding Portal: Get for the organization an internal training, learning, and development portal for the new employees that will control their movement throughout the hiring process and in the organization after hiring is complete. The portal shall also control what the employees see about the org and they always get the right info and agree to it. All the communication, administration, and induction materials must be present in such a portal that will help in grooming the new employees as the system wants. 
  • Availability of Necessary Hardware: It is necessary to make sure that the new employee is well equipped before he starts working for the organization. For this, he must have a laptop, mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc and a strong Internet connection. It is also necessary to make sure that the new employees have access to licensed company software, all the security guidelines, and instructions for setting up their workstation.


Virtual Onboarding Best Practices After The New Employee Joins In


  • Regular Meetings and Communication: In the initial days of recruiting new employees must have daily virtual meetings with their orientation leader and team head. The job coach must have a regular check-in to make sure that the new employees have the necessary resources all the time. 
  • Have a Virtual Introductory Session: The organization must plan for a video call introductory session for the new employees to meet their co-workers, and department heads with whom he will work closely. This will make the employees feel socially comfortable and accepted by superiors and peers.
  • Training and Support: Schedule training sessions by using user-friendly, pre-recorded demonstrations, and live video calls that will help them understand their role in the organization and awareness of the basic information to do the job efficiently.




We all understand that these are difficult times and it is necessary to sail through it and be a winner and stopping is not an option. Therefore using the above-mentioned practices employers can make the recruitment of employees smooth and pave a smooth path for them to continue working with the feeling of content and satisfaction.


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