How to Make a Great First Impression When Onboarding New Employees

Selecting ideal candidates for the company is a long and tedious process. The process often becomes challenging like searching a needle in the husk. Therefore, companies cannot afford to lose their onboard employees so easily. Keeping them intact in the system is a task but once learned it becomes easy. The first three months are crucial for the new hires as well as the company. During this period the maximum time-consuming process is to figure out the right fit. A negative experience during the initial period may result in employees switching the job. This will push the company back to the same process of starting recruitments and selecting new candidates. This will again require time, investment and patience. 


Therefore a company can follow these simple things to put their best foot forward and make a great first impression with new employees.


Make The Candidate More Familiar To The Surrounding

Companies may take their new employees to the organization tour. They can also provide them with the company map. Make them note essentials like bathrooms, break rooms, and the location of other staff will surely be helpful.


Provide The New Employees With Mentors And Friends

It will be helpful to align new employees with a friend or mentor. This can help them acclimate to the new environment and get to know their co-workers. Helping the new employee to feel included can result in a more positive experience. 


Provide The New Hire With All The Office Essentials

Providing all the office essentials to the new employee is a great way of welcoming. This gesture helps in creating a sense that the company is excited about his new member. 


Do Something Special

Small gestures like taking the new employees for dinner on the first day of the job or treating them with cakes or pastries can do wonders. this can inculcate in them the feeling of belongingness. Small gestures can bring big impact on creating a positive and lasting impression. 


Schedule Training And Team Meet And Greet

If the new employees spend some time with managers, HR, co-workers and other team members this ensures that the time and resources are available to new employees. It allows new employees to understand their relationship with other employees. They slowly and clearly understand where to go for needed information and resources. 


Keep New Employees Occupied But Not Overloaded

New employees will always be eager to take a new job and be productive. They would also like to make contributions to their new job as early as possible. But the company must give them their settling time. Giving them some reading material or online training module shall be enough to keep them engaged as well as busy productively.



Retaining onboard employees is necessary for the betterment of the company. A company can move towards reaching its goal only if the employees support the mission. Small but genuine steps can help them stay in the company as it can be tedious and a total waste to keep a recruiting panel active the whole year.


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