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Employee Termination Checklist

Employee Termination Checklist

Employees make an essential part of the company. They form an integral part of the company’s functions and production. However, employees leave the organization for a better future and growth, and employers must ensure that the exit of the employee is smooth and with mutual understanding.


When your employee notify you that they need termination from the employment, the employer must ascertain legal and workplace courtesy that can be extended to the leaving employee.


However, the employer also needs to work out the resignation process with the employee so that future legal issues and the rights of the company are not compromised. We are listing the Employee Termination Checklist for your convenience. The checklist is not exhaustive but can help plan the exiting process for employees.


Checklist for the Procedure of Employee Termination


When an employee tells you about leaving the company for good, you need to follow specific procedures to ensure that your rights and responsibilities towards the employee are safeguarded.


Here are some tips which you can use for the termination process:


Conversation With the Employee

There are many ways to send resignation to the employer by the employee. He can notify you via email or leave a note on your table. However, you must have a face-to-face meeting with your employee for the same.

You can call a meeting with the employee and ask them about the formal resignation, the last day of working and other factors. You also need a discussion for the work part which will be left by the employee. The employer must also ask the employee to wrap up work in hand with the employee before leaving.


Make Necessary Leaving Forms

The company gives access to employees as part of their employment. It is essential that the employees leaving the company should give away access to the rooms or lockers of the company. These should be mentioned in the exit forms designed for the leaving employees. Any passwords or smart cards give to an employee for entering in the building should be programmed and managed so that they do not make future misuse of the same.


The employee should also make sure that the login credentials of the employees are flagged and should be disabled after the last day of working. Any privilege of access to the database or server should be restricted and removed from the network.


Collect the Property of the Company

Employees are given company properties like phone, laptop, or car to the employees. These should be submitted duly to the company by the employees. Employees should ensure that all the company properties are accounted for and collected from the employee timely.


Plan Exit Interview

Exit interviews play an essential role in the termination process. The company and the HR department takes exit interview of the employee to ensure that the employee is not leaving due to any concern. The leaving of the company for the betterment of the prospects is an acceptable reason for the employee to leave the company. However, in the exit interview, you can be ensured that the employee is not going the organization for competing or creating any problems in the future.




Terminating an employee is a big decision. This is why it is necessary to go through a proper employee termination procedure to avoid wrongful termination.

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