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PowerPoint Tips: How to Master Your Slide Representation Style in PowerPoint

Working on the powerpoint presentation is the most impressive things since childhood. Am I right? So, this blog is all about powerpoint presentation on how to master our slide representation style in PowerPoint. The slideshow is the electric version to market services or products to the customers. They have graphics, audio, and gifs. Plus, they are easy to update and effective to communicate with customers.


Before the PowerPoint Tips, it is very important to see Laptop has a full-size HDMI port, or your phone has downloaded powerpoint and have had a good wifi connection. Before the final presentation, it is very important to rehearse the presentation and do the look at the smooth movement so that you can make it better each time you see it.


In this blog, we have listed down a few tips of making the slides show more effective.


  • Slide master feature is very effective to create a simple template on the powerpoint presentation. You can use the bullets, images, gifs, and videos to make it more communicative to the customers.
  • Simplify the content and don’t use long sentences. Content must short and crispy. Make sure you use maximum bullets and small sentences that are easy to understand. We have to understand that content is a king and use the best content is very important.
  • Avoid punctuations, and putting words capital letters.
  • Make sure the slides have some loose space. It must not look overloaded with text and images.
  • Use contrasting colors for the text and the background. Make sure the text must be readable. Avoid graphics in the background.
  • Avoid flashy slide transition that looks distracting. Make sure the content must be readable.
  • The special effect over usage is always bad for any professional presentation. Effects such as animations and sounds must be minimized. It impacts the credibility of yours. It was better to keep it simple yet impactful.
  • HD images play an important role in making any presentation impactful. Ensure that the images used in the images are not copyrighted, and have accurate information. Make sure the images used are in HD, as when seen in the larger screen.
  • If you making powerpoint presentation using the link to open into a new website, then it is always advisable to use simple Arial font with normal size. The consistent, and simple text are most effective and impactful.
  • It is also advisable to limit the number of slides. It helps in making less boring. Flip animation is good to use, it won’t distract the audience. You must go with the rule- One minute per slide.


It is always expected today that PowerPoint presentation is the most beneficial tool to market services online or offline. It can be used to add visuals to the messages or simply to create emailers and presented to vendors/ customers others. But most of the professionals are not very good enough to create the powerpoint presentation to give the best impact on the meetings. Above 10 PowerPoint Tips are super effective in making the slides impactful. I hope you like it and get benefited from them.


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