Retention Interviews: Ways to keep your key employee satisfied

Retention Interviews: Ways to Keep Your Key Employee Satisfied

In the past, corporates believe that retaining old customers are very essential in order to grow in the market. Customer satisfaction played an influential role. But now the equal importance is given to the employees too. Business believes that keeping the employees happy will indirectly add credibility and profit to the company. Employees are the real asset of the company that works on the direct and indirect sales making the goodwill of the company high in the market. No business can grow to leave behind the employees sad.


Managing the right condition for the employees are very important. In this blog, we have listed out the ways of Retention Interviews: Ways to keep your key employee satisfied. Yes! Now many companies are working very hard to retain the old employees in order to grow and add the goodwill in the market. Managing employee retention involves many strategic processes to keep the employees happy and content with the company. The main benefit of the company growth must not be profit but the contentment of the employees as it is indirectly linked with the growth of the company for future prospects.


Many processes of Retention Interviews in the company plays an important role in attracting new customers and retaining the old talents in the team. It always helps in reducing the cost of the new hiring the related services.


Being an HR manager in the company is very vital to introduce the Retention Interviews to avoid the efforts and time on the new hiring process. It is always better to retain the old talents in the market than to recruit and train the new one.


Having a fair, and transparent policy must be very effective and good for employees and company both for the long run. Fundamental yet powerful concepts are always needed in every organization and  Retention Interviews is one of them.


There are a few things that every company must follow to keep the employees retain with them. They are as follows:

  • Respectful treatment of the employees.
  • Pay as per market standards
  • Transparency
  • Trust between the employees and managers
  • Job security
  • Growth and exposure


All these things are very important in order to keep the employees happy and retain with the company that will in turn results in the overall growth of the organization.


From the business point of view also, it is a very costly and critical affair to hire new employees. It is very important to retain the employees to avoid the unnecessary cost and training cost on the new talents. In order to avoid such expenses, the company always prefer old employees for the long run.


Main reasons for retaining the old employees are as follows by the company:

  • New hiring is always costly.
  • Performances got affected by new employees
  • Goodwill effect with new hiring/ frequent hiring


So, the Retention Interviews plays an important role in making the offering the company growth, and goodwill. For more such blogs, keep updated.


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