Wendy Sellers is known as “The HR Lady ®”. She is an involved business partner and hr consultant who understands your current culture and desired culture and then helps you build HR policy and practices, employee training, and management training workshops around your unique environment and goals. As a professional tossed into HR without a plan, she learned all of this the hard way and it was painful. She is authentic and transparent and above all, she keeps it real with a focus on results, action and challenge. There is never a hidden agenda. She is The HR Lady®: Realistic, Honest, and Reliable. Wendy (She/Her) has over 25 years of experience in HR operations, downsizing, change management, strategy, corporate culture, remote workplaces as well as in person, coaching, employee training, supervisor & manager training, HR education, and leadership development in all-size businesses (local startups to global enterprises) in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, dental, professional services, technology, manufacturing, construction, engineering, higher education, federal contractors, public safety, non-profit and government agencies (to name a few). There is no sugar coating with Wendy Sellers! Why? Listen, people ARE a profit center which makes them your greatest asset but only when led successfully and treated right. That means training and empowering managers, supervisors and employees to be successful in their roles is not an option, it is mandatory. Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady, trains administrators on HR compliance and managers on the rest: the people part, from hiring to termination. I desire to be the change I want to see in this world. I speak up and challenge the status quo. I ask controversial questions. I am passionate about giving back and educating others on not only leadership but day-to-day management of human beings - aka: "HR Reality - no BS here".

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